2-filters set VND PolarPro for DJI Mavic Air 2S

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PolarPro set of 2 VND filters for DJI Air 2S

A set of 2 VND filters by PolarPro is the optimal solution for any discerning creator. Designed specifically for the DJI Air 2S – they fit it perfectly, and thanks to the lightweight aluminum frame, they are not an excessive burden and do not affect the flight time. High-quality CinemaSeries™ glass provides superior optics and is resistant to damage. In the set you will find VND 2-5 and VND 6-9 filters, as well as a practical magnetic case in which you can safely store them.


Precise light control

Gain the ability to take stunning shots even in challenging lighting conditions. VND filters allow you to significantly reduce the shutter speed and give you dreamlike control of light even in very bright environments. Laser-engraved indicators on the frames allow you to precisely adjust the effects to your expectations. With PolarPro, you’ll achieve your dream results without much trouble!


2 types of filters – wide possibilities

VND filters can be an indispensable tool for even the most demanding artists. VND 2-5 gives you 2-5 stops of light control and is perfect for most lighting conditions. The VND 6-9, on the other hand, offers 6-9 stops of light control and is ideal for very bright environments. Be prepared for any situation and create spectacular shots!


Ideally fitted to your drone

Sturdy, high-grade materials were used to manufacture the filters so you can enjoy optimal results. The lightweight aluminum frame won’t weigh down your drone and won’t negatively affect your flight time. It has also been perfectly tuned for gimbal operation. The CinemaSeries™ glass, on the other hand, is distinguished by its color neutrality and low refractive index to ensure excellent image quality.


Case included – safely and conveniently transport your filters

To make it easier for you to transport and store your filters, a magnetic case is included in the set. It protects your accessories from damage and makes it possible to have them always at hand. Easy to use and durable – it will keep them safe. Simply put the filters in the case, pack it in your bag, and then take it outdoors or on the road – with PolarPro you can create fantastic shots in almost any situation!


In the box

  • VND filter 2-5
  • VND filter 6-9
  • Magnetic case




Brand PolarPro
Filters VND 2-5, VND 6-9
Material Aluminum + CinemaSeries glass
Suitable for DJI Air 2S