2.0 Edifier R1855DB (black)

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Old design, modern technology  

The Edifier R1855DB active speaker system is designed with functionality in mind. The old design has been brought back, but the latest technology has been introduced to get the best possible sound effects. The cabinet is made of thick MDF board, which has proven itself in the market for many years. Bluetooth technology was introduced to expand the possibilities of playing music from phones, tablets or laptops. It is a balance of functionality and design.


High quality construction  

R1855DB speakers are made of medium density fiberboard, which reduces distortion and minimizes acoustic resonance. Its stance is inclined by 10° ensuring precision and perfectly reproduces sounds. The construction is designed to go directly to your ears. The 4-inch midrange and woofer drivers create rich low tones. At the same time, the tweeter units produce clear highs. That’s 70 watts of pure sound.


Handy operation  

You can operate the speakers with the included battery-powered remote control. It works in conjunction with the infrared port, which is located on the front of the speaker. Adjust the volume, switch inputs, mute the speakers, and control playback via Bluetooth connection-all at your fingertips. It’s easy to use and fits in the palm of your hand for ultimate comfort.    

Fun with technology   

The R1855DB is classic and fun with the latest Bluetooth technology that lets you play music or your favorite movies from your phone, tablet or laptop. In addition, the remote control that you can remotely control your speakers and the potentiometers hidden on the back of the speaker that allow you to personalize your favorite sounds give you a lot of options that you can use.





Brand Edifier
Model R1855DB
Output power RMS 16w×2 + 19w×2
Signal-to-noise ratio -85db
THD (Total Harmonic Distortion) 0.5%
Input sensitivity PC 700±50mv
AUX input sensitivity 550±50mv
Input type AUX, RCA, Bluetooth, optical, coaxial
Tweeter 19mm silk dome 6ohm
Subwoofer 4″ (116mm) 6ohm
Speaker dimensions 154 x 254 x 224mm