Romoss AC65H wall charger, 2x USB-C + USB, 65W (black)

Produkto kodas: AC65H-18-214H-041389

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Likutis tiekėjo sandėlyje: > 10 vnt.

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Romoss AC65H mains charger, 2x USB-C + USB, 65W (black)

Don’t be surprised by a drained battery. Romoss AC65H is a compact charger that will charge almost any device in no time. It stands out for its high performance, and with three ports supporting fast charging protocols, you can replenish your phone, tablet and laptop at the same time, for example.


Don’t waste time waiting

Now you’ll charge your devices at a dizzying pace. Whether you’re charging one at a time or several devices at the same time, the Romoss AC65H provides a large supply of power, so you charge 2x faster! You’ll top up your iPhone 14 battery to 100% in an hour, up to 75% on your Macbook Air, and 85% on your Huawei Mate 50!


One charger for multiple devices

You no longer need to carry several chargers for each device. The clever design of the Romoss AC65H will allow you to replace them all, so it’s perfect for travel, for example! The charger is equipped with two Type-C and one USB-A ports, so it stands out for its wide compatibility. What’s more, the AC65H has a perfectly balanced center of gravity, which makes it sit perfectly on the outlet, even if you use all ports at the same time.


Safe use

That’s not the end of the charger’s advantages! The Romos AC65H is equipped with a number of safety features, so you can be sure that the devices you are charging are completely safe. A smart chip protects them from overcharging, overloading, short circuit or overheating, among other things.



NameRomoss AC65H mains charger, 2x USB-C + USB, 65W (black)
Weight~135 g
Dimensions~59.1 x 51 x 30.5 mm
Input voltageAC 100 V~ 240V/50 ~60 Hz 1.5 A max.
OutputsType-C1/Type-C2 5.0 V/3.0 A, 9.0 V/3.0 A, 2.0 V/3.0 A, 15.0 V/3.0 A, 20.0 V/3.25 A, 65 W max PPS 3.3 V-11.0 V/3.0 A; USB-A: 5.0 V/3.0 A, 4.5 V/ 5.0 A, 5.0 V/ 4. 5 A, 9.0 V/ 3.0 A, 12.0 V/ 3.0 A, 20.0 V/ 2.25 A 45 W max; Type-C1 + Type-C2: 45 W + 18 W; Type-C2 + USB-A: 5.0 V/ 3.0 A 15 W max; Type-C1 + (Type-C2/ USB-A): 45 W + 15 W

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Svoris 154 g


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